In my teenage years I had several different reptiles as pets. Snakes were always my favorite though. The Christmas of 2008, my wife surprised me with a reptile enclosure. In January 2009 I bought a female Bull Snake that had been hatched around August of 2008. She is heterozygous for albinism.

This blog is a record of Alice’s life since I acquired her as well as a Bull Snake Care Sheet and articles of general interest to snake keepers of other species.

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  1. Anthony Church says:

    Hi there. Just wanted to thank you so much for providing all of this great information.I have enjoyed looking at your pics and reading about Alice. I will hopefully soon be getting either a bull, gopher, or pine so I am really trying to do my homework. (I also have to talk my wonderful wife into the idea.) She wants a bearded dragon, I want a snake. Sounds fair to me! lol Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again and I will definitely be back to this page. : )

  2. admin says:

    Glad you found the site. I was in the same situation. My wife would have preferred that I get a Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko, however she was willing to accept me getting a snake. I was actually looking for a Gopher Snake at a reptile show when I found Alice. Once I spotted her, I would not put her down. Now my wife likes handling the snakes and often goes to events with me and works with small alligators and well as snakes as large as 9′ long Burmese Pythons. Alice is very curious about her environment and is a wonderful pet. There was a wonderful article about Bull Snakes in Reptiles magazine a few years back. You might be able to download it if you have not seen it. Thanks again, Jim and Susan

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