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Back on track

Alice looks to be solidly off her fasting period after eating two times in a row. Not uncommon for Bullsnakes, however it is comforting to see her back on schedule.

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Tis that time again

It’s that time of the year again when Alice’s focus is on reproduction and not when’s my next rat. Her activity levels had been high recently, which is typical during this season. She refused the last meal, even though she … Continue reading

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Hello up there

Alice looking straight up at me from her holding tub. She had been relaxing in there while I was cleaning her habitat.

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Ole Blue Eyes again

Alice is into her shed cycle again. She only has one or two a year at her age. Hopefully she will complete the cycle and be ready for a nice plate of ratatouille next week.

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No Snake Day at Elachee for 2020

We just received the news yesterday that the event was going to be postponed for 2020 in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are hopeful that by the following year a plan and procedure can be followed that will allow … Continue reading

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2018 Snake Day at Elachee Next Month

We have been torn in so many different directions recently and have not posted anything. We will be at the event again this year with Alice and her friends. She wanted to assist in the announcement so I am letting … Continue reading

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Alice on Instagram

During the Outdoor Adventure event on October 14th, one of the staff came by and snapped a picture of Alice to post on their instagram account. Outdoor Adventure at the Rock Ranch

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Outdoor Adventure at Rock Ranch

Alice and her friends will be at Outdoor Adventure at The Rock Ranch this coming Saturday, Oct. 14. We have snake shows at 1pm and 3pm. The event is open from 10am to 8pm. Weather should be great. Check it … Continue reading

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Snake Day at Elachee 2017 turnout

Elachee Nature Center had a record number of exhibitors this year and around 1,200 visitors came out to learn about snakes and our other native reptiles. Alice was a big hit again and garnered a couple of pictures in our … Continue reading

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Wellness Checkup

Alice’s yearly wellness checkup went well on Thursday. As hoped for, she had dropped a little bit of weight and is down from about 7.3 lbs to a hair under 7 lbs. After being fondled from one end to the … Continue reading

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