1. How fast do Bull Snakes grow?

A. Scientific data on this is rather hard to find. I did find one page here with some data from a 2002 study of Louisiana Pine Snakes. In addition to that I have read that it is common for Bull Snakes to double their hatch length in the first year. Growth rate seems to be rather consistent for the first three years of their life. All of this depends on proper husbandry of the Bull Snake (feeding, habitat care, etc.) as well as the genetics of the snake. Alice seems to follow this rule, however I do not know her hatch length and can only estimate. She was close to two feet long at 6 months when I acquired her, close to three feet long at one year of age and was slightly over five feet long at two years of age.

2. What brand of laser infrared temperature gun should I use?

A. After checking around and looking at the specs, I decided to buy one off ebay. I ended up paying less than $20 in March of 2010. Accurate to within %2 for the temps we monitor and a range from below freezing to 700+F with a laser pointer. Not a seconds trouble from it. Also helps to validate the accuracy of the digital gauges in the habitat. The are also a number of units available from companies like Pro Exotics, etc. that are excellent choices.

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