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Alice Eating A Medium Rat

Alice has a tendency to eat more like a Racer or Indigo in that she does not constrict her prey item. She does best when she is allowed to crawl over to her meal rather than it being held right … Continue reading

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Time For Another Shed

I caught a glimpse of blue in Alice’s eyes when I was spot cleaning her habitat on Monday. It will be a week or two before we have any real updates. In the meantime, here is the video that my … Continue reading

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New Feed Video

This is just another short feeding video for Alice. I prefer to give her privacy while she eats and all I ever really see is her grabbing the prey item. The older feeding video is when she was still eating … Continue reading

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Dinner Time

Here is a short video of Alice at mealtime. She had already had one mouse and this is the second one. These are pre-killed large frozen mice. I always feed her in this plastic bin.

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