Alice on Instagram

During the Outdoor Adventure event on October 14th, one of the staff came by and snapped a picture of Alice to post on their instagram account.

Outdoor Adventure at the Rock Ranch

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Outdoor Adventure at Rock Ranch

Alice and her friends will be at Outdoor Adventure at The Rock Ranch this coming Saturday, Oct. 14. We have snake shows at 1pm and 3pm. The event is open from 10am to 8pm. Weather should be great. Check it out!
Outdoor Adventure 2017

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Snake Day at Elachee 2017 turnout

Elachee Nature Center had a record number of exhibitors this year and around 1,200 visitors came out to learn about snakes and our other native reptiles. Alice was a big hit again and garnered a couple of pictures in our local newspaper. We also had our American Alligators, Nip and Tuck, Eastern Ratsnakes, Pete and Repete and Autumn, our Eastern Copperhead. I did not have time to look around, however I did spot some really cool animals as the other exhibitors were setting their displays up. Alice and the rest of us will be back again next year. Alice is happy to know she gets a few weeks break before her next big outing.
Gainesville Times article covering Snake Day

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alice picture

Seriously Dad! How long does it take to wash the water bowl and spot clean?

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Wellness Checkup

Alice’s yearly wellness checkup went well on Thursday. As hoped for, she had dropped a little bit of weight and is down from about 7.3 lbs to a hair under 7 lbs. After being fondled from one end to the other by her Dr. she decided to curl up in one of her hides at home and keep watch.

alice picture

Alice peeking out of hide.

Also, I forgot to provide an update on the music video she was in. As a warning to children and adults at work , the video contains adult language. The video is “I’m So Real” by Young Dolph. Also in the video is our Common Boa Constrictor, Bones and the Eastern Ratsnakes, Pete and Repete.

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Events Update

Alice and friends will be back at Elachee Nature Center later this year as well as the Rock Ranch for Great Outdoor Adventure. She continues to amaze people at events by how calm and easy to handle she is. She turns nine this summer. If we are lucky, she will grace us with her presence for at least another nine.

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Still Waiting

Still waiting on the release of the music video Alice and a few of our other snakes had parts in. Alice is doing well and is presently digesting the rat I fed her yesterday. We have a couple of upcoming programs that she will be a part of as well; One birthday party and one presentation for a local preschool.

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Alice Appearing in a Music Video

Once the video is released, I will provide the details here. Should be within two weeks. Very excited to see the finished product.

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Feeding Schedule Change Part 2

After a several feedings on the 3 week schedule, Alice has been moved to a once every 2.5 week feeding schedule to compensate for her increased activity levels. She has not gone off feed so far this winter as she has done in the past several years. I will get an updated weight on her after she defecates again.

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Feeding Schedule Change

I changed Alice’s feeding schedule to a 3 week interval from the previous 2 week interval due to health considerations. At her last checkup, she tipped the scales at over 7lbs. While her weight is still within a healthy range for her build/species, she should not be adding weight at the rate she was. The previous order of medium rats were more consistently on the higher end of medium rat size and likely contributed to the additional weight gain. Fatty deposits around the heart are just as dangerous for snakes as it is for humans. This is why it is so important to keep track of your snakes vitals and make adjustments as needed.

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