Feeding Schedule Change Part 2

After a several feedings on the 3 week schedule, Alice has been moved to a once every 2.5 week feeding schedule to compensate for her increased activity levels. She has not gone off feed so far this winter as she has done in the past several years. I will get an updated weight on her after she defecates again.

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Feeding Schedule Change

I changed Alice’s feeding schedule to a 3 week interval from the previous 2 week interval due to health considerations. At her last checkup, she tipped the scales at over 7lbs. While her weight is still within a healthy range for her build/species, she should not be adding weight at the rate she was. The previous order of medium rats were more consistently on the higher end of medium rat size and likely contributed to the additional weight gain. Fatty deposits around the heart are just as dangerous for snakes as it is for humans. This is why it is so important to keep track of your snakes vitals and make adjustments as needed.

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Snake Day at Elachee Nature Center

picture of Alice

Alice positioned to show how her pattern changes.

We had a great day at Elachee and Alice was a big hit. She was out being held for most all of the five hour event and won the heart of most everyone that came in contact with her. Today is feeding day so I better get busy warming it up for her.

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Elachee Snake Day

Alice and the rest of the children will be on exhibit at Elachee Snake Day on September 10th. This is their biggest yearly event and our first time as an exhibitor. Hope to get a few pictures to share.

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Rest Time

alice picture


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Alice’s Wellness Checkup

Alice had a good checkup at her vets office today. I took in a stool sample for them and will have the results later this week. She is at 7.3lbs and just a little shy of 7 foot long.

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Normal Feeding Resumes

Alice came off her wintertime fast today and ate a medium rat. The last time she had accepted food was December 8th. She basically repeated the same fasting schedule as last year.

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Spring Time

Alice is still off feed from her winter fast. I noticed she has been scent marking her habitat, so it will be a week or more before she returns to her normal feeding schedule.

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Alice picture

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Feed Me Seymour

Alice is completely back to her normal routine after her Spring fast. As soon as I started to approach her habitat with the medium rat, she started towards me flicking her tongue. She snatched the rat out of my fingers at the edge of her habitat and pinned it down. Alice ended up partially falling out of her habitat and had to be lifted back into it. Never missing a beat, she started to swallow the rat as soon as I put her back down.

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